The PACTS/Agilysis Constituency Road Safety Dashboard provides unique information about all reported casualties and the other vehicles involved for each GB parliamentary constituency. With clear tables, maps and graphics, users can filter for particular information. It has been constructed by Agilysis for PACTS and is designed to assist MP’s. It is available online, free to everybody. Watch the short demo video.

Conventional reports focus on casualty numbers, based on injured road user. Few show the other vehicle involved in the crash (the conflicting vehicle). This is even more important now as the percentage of those injured on the roads who are classed as vulnerable road users (those who aren’t vehicle occupants) is increasing and the government is promoting active travel. The new Dashboard is therefore a unique insight constituency into the road danger, particularly for pedestrians, pedal cyclists and motorcyclists.

The Dashboard uses official published data from the Department for transport between 2015 and 2020. It plots each casualty on the map according to injury severity.* Users can filter results in each constituency according to the recorded speed limit, severity, casualty age band and casualty type. Basic information about each casualty is also available when individual locations are selected. Information is not provided for constituencies in Northern Ireland as these data are held by the Police Service Northern Ireland.

PACTS has previously published a series of constituency road safety reports along with interactive dashboards. The most recent (2018) report 2018 available here. These reports, uniquely, looked at casualties based on home location and compared risk per head of population for various casualty groups, e.g. pedestrians. Although the casualty numbers will have changed slightly in 2019, the overall picture probably remains valid in each constituency.

Further analysis and visualisation of road safety data is provided by Agilysis in here.

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* Although the DfT publish an adjusted severity for each individual casualty it is not recommended that this is used for analysis in small areas or a collision-by-collision basis.

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